Custom Design Foam Cutting

Central Florida Foam is a leader in the Architectural Foam Banding and Foam Accent industry.

Our sophisticated foam cutting equipment coupled with state of the art CAD software allows us to create any custom foam fabrication you can imagine. For use with interior or exterior applications, the EPS Foam (Expanded Polystyrene) is light weight, yet strong and durable when coated with a layer of cement and then painted.

When it comes to interior and exterior architectural accents, we can quickly and inexpensively produce what stone masons once took many months to create.

Our custom design foam can be cut and fabricated into molding, architectural accents, columns, caps, brackets, arches, balustrade railings, shutters, louvers, banding and more. We can even produce custom 3D commercial signs, murals, stage props and wedding sets. The possibilities are endless.

Columns & Entries


Molding & Accents


Signs, Mailboxes, Murals


Architectural Foam Banding